Jun 14


For many years we've used the terms lectern and podium interchangeably but if we want to get technical (have you met us?) a reading desk with a slanted top where you put your speech is a called a lectern. There are many styles and sizes of lecterns but we've made your choice easy by stocking three of the most popular types.

Our Presidential Adjustable Lectern has a wood finish and the shape of the top resembles the president's large, bulletproof "Blue Goose". The bottom tapers to a column where we've hidden a motor that adjusts the height, either from a switch on the top or via a wired remote control. Microphone choices can be skinny goosenecks, or any of the recent presidential looks (two SM-57s horizontally, two SM-57s vertically, or three SM-57s Reagan style).

Event Tech Presidential Adjustable Lectern

For a more modern feel, our clear Acrylic Lecterns look great with any stage set or decor and offer integrated microphone mounts. We usually employ two Earthworks FM-500 gooseneck mics to capture voices and maintain the streamlined appearance.

Event Tech Acrylic Lectern

If you're going for a minimal look, our Rose Garden Toasting Lectern is modeled after another design used by the president at less formal events. Esentially just a tabletop on a heavy duty microphone stand, the lectern is light weight, sets up quickly, and packs into a small road case with wheels. Microphone options are the same as for the Presidential Adjustable Lectern.

Event Tech Rose Garden Toasting Lectern


Mar 14

They're just going to make your life easier.

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Mar 6

Event Tech offers complete, turnkey rally packages including stages, sound systems, lecterns, press risers, bike rack barricade, and temporary power solutions.